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As a moving company in Nairobi, Legend Movers takes pride in offering quality services. We have invested in improving our moving services to offer the fastes, safest and most convinient moving services in Nairobi. In this article you will learn exactly what it takes to be the best moving company in Nairobi. You will see the services moving companies offer and the prices for moving in Nairobi and the whole country.

House moving in Kenya

House moving in Nairobi can be very hard. There are many things to consider, from the safety pf your properties to transportation and moving into the new house. Moving companies in Nairobi aim to take all this stress away from you. As a moving companny in Nairobi, our main aim is to ensure the safety of your properties and that your move is as stress-free as possible.

We will handle the safe packing of your properties, furniture, electronics, kitchenware and even plants. All this will be done in safe packaging material, boxes, nylons or canvases. We will then handle the loading and offloading of all your things into safe vehicles and ensure they are safely fastened to be transported safely. We will a;so handle the offloading, unpacking and setup of your new home.

All this is done at an affordable price. Request a moving quote from us to discover the most affordable moving prices in Nairobi.

Office Moving in Nairobi

At Legend Movers, we offer office moving services withing Nairobi and to other counties. Our corporate moving services are the perfect service to ensure that your business keeps running smoothly while you change locations. We prioritise the safety of our client's assets and timely moving so that you can continue with business as ussual in your new location.

There are many things to consider when moving offices. For example, electronic equipments like printers and computers can easly malfunction when handled poorly. Computer memory disks may malfaction if subjected to extreme stress that may arrise from poor packing. Top moving companies in Nairobi understand these risks and the impact they have on businesses. That is why at Legend Movers our office moving services are handled with proffesional moving personell with years of experience.

How to choose a moving company in Nairobi

There are several factors to consider when choosing a moving company in Nairobi. The most mportant ones are to always choose a licensed Moving company with a proven track record.

1. Work with a licensed moving company

To make sure that you are working with a proffesional team, always choose a registered Moving companyto help you with your move. These companies are ussually staffed with proffesional and experienced personell who will handle your property with extreme care.

2. Read Reviews online

It is easy to find the best moving company in Nairobi by just checking what customers are saying about the company. Most reviews can easily found by searching on google for the best moving companies in Kenya.

3. Get a price estimate

Top moving companies in Nairobi like Legend Movers offer free quotes or price estimates to help you in planning for your upcoming move. An extremely low price estimate should be an imediate red flag on the quality of services you will recieve. Most moving companies will ask you for information about the house you are moving from and the house you are moving to before giving a quote.

4. Additional Services

Additional services like unpacking, furniture assembly, curtain fixing and electronics setup can be a huge time saver. Most top moving companies offer additional services upfront without charging you extra while you are moving.

house moving in nairobi

Etra services moving companies in Nairobi offer

Top moving companies offer a ton of extra services to make your upcoming move as easy ast possible. At legend movers, our services come with; Providing packing materials, packing and unpacking, we will also do house arrangements. We dismantle and reassemble where necessary, we do TV mounting plus fixing of electronics appliances.

1. Packing and unpacking

Moving companies will assist you in safely packing all of your properties. At Legend movers we use high quality carton boxes, plastic films and canvases to ensure the safety of your property during trasportation. We will also assist you in unpacking and setting up your things in your new home.

2. House Arragements and Interior design

The best moving companies in Nairobi will help you in arranging your new home. Some have inhouse interior designers who may help you in designing your home, fixing wallpapers and arranging your furniture.

3. Settting up electronic appliances

At Legend movers we help our clients in setting up all their electronics as they were in their previous home.

4. DSTV Mounting

The best moving companies will help you in mounting your DSTV ariel reciever. Never miss a game due to moving hustles. Moving companies help you in selting in your new home as fast as possible.

5. Furniture assembly

Furniture, such as beds, tables and coaches often need to be disasembles so that they be trasported easily. Top moving companies will take all the heavy lifting that comes with disassembling and assembling furniture away from you.

6. Secure Storage

You may want a secure long term or short term storage for your properties. Top moving companies in Nairobi offer storage services in secure and safe warehouses for all the time you need. You may be moving abroad for a long period of time or just need safe storage for your things.

Legend Movers

Legend Movers is a fully registered moving company in Nairobi Kenya. We offer the fastest, safest and affordable moving services withing Nairobi and to other counties. Contact us to discover te difference we offer in value.

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